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Youth who came to the defense of water bill hike pwned by netizen




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A youth who came to the defense of the National Development Minister, Lawrence Wong, has been pwned big time by an older Singaporean. Responding in CNA’s FB report of the Minister’s comment, the youth supported Mr Wong’s argument that there is never an ideal time to hike the water price.

A netizen, Ryan Lee, who had earlier expressed his disappointment in the same post about the price hike then asked the youth who is paying the water bill in the youth’s house; and that if it was the youth’s parents, he should ask them for them opinion before commenting.Ryan had earlier said: “Congrats! You people agreed to all those price raise. 70% strongly agreed to this. Water price increase will affect the prices of food and everything else that uses water to produce too.”

Another comment on the same post received the most number of likes.

Speaking at Channel NewsAsia’s () Singapore Budget Forum on 23 Feb, the Minister said he understands the concerns that many people have over the water price increase, but “there is never an ideal time” for a rise. He added that the Government had deliberated this very carefully.

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