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[Your letters] Why I am disappointed with PM’s NDR speech




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From: James Ng

In his National Day Rally speech earlier this month, many expected the PM to address the concerns of citizens on the spate of recent retrenchments, which has caused unemployment for many. Several have become taxi drivers after a prolong futile search for another job.

We want to know why the letting in of foreigners still continue when unemployment statistics show that more locals are unemployed than foreigners. What steps that the government has taken to alleviate this serious problem of unemployment?

Instead, many were greatly disappointed that his rally speech was centered on the Elected Presidency, disputes on territorial claims by and some ASEAN countries, and future development of some areas in Singapore. All these topics are not as important as the topic of ‘unemployment of Singaporeans’.

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Our primary concerns and worries are on unemployment, high cost of living and healthcare, housing, and transport. But all these were not even mentioned in his Speech. It certainly sounded as if everything is ok, citizens are happy with the current situation and the Government is still doing a good job!

We still have elderly parents and young children to feed, bills to pay and stomachs to fill! Of course, the PM, his Ministers and top civil servants have iron rice bowls and still command the highest salaries in the world, not the slightest bit affected by the current dire economic conditions.

Especially affected are those in their 40 s and 50s. Employers still prefer to employ younger and more qualified foreigners. The sad thing is that the Government seems to do nothing to curb their discriminatory employment policies, favouring the cheaper, younger FTs!

Citizens have to serve NS to protect 40 percent of foreigners out of a total population of more than 5 million. Just make a trip to the Changi Business Hub and look at the group of foreigners dominating the offices there in office attire. Most also live in posh condos!

Our Ministers boasted that Singapore has the top universities in the world which churns out highly qualified graduates. But what’s the use if you cannot find employment? Where is the Government’s help?

*Edited for clarity

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