Home News Yet another rare sambar deer killed after Mandai Road accident

Yet another rare sambar deer killed after Mandai Road accident




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Another sambar deer has died after a motorcyclist collided with it on Tuesday evening along Mandai Road.

The motorcyclist was injured in the process, and photos shared on Facebook, on the Nature Society of Singapore’s (NSS) page, show the carcass of the deer.

According to reports, this incident is the third reported roadkill case involving wild deer this year.

According to the National Parks Board, the sambar deer were once nowhere to be found in Singapore, and those found are likely to be ones that escaped from captivity.

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In 2010, an NSS’ Vertebrate Study Group estimated that there were under 20 sambar deer in Singapore.

Oh deer! Another rare sambar deer became roadkill in Singapore. Motorcyclist suffered abrasions, deer not so lucky.

Posted by All Singapore Stuff on Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Following the incidents of sambar deers being killed, the NSS called for more land to be set aside as a refuge for wildlife at the future Tengah new town.

The NSS added that under the authorities’ plan to transform Tengah to be a “forest town”, only up to 10 per cent of Tengah’s original forest will be retained, killing the ecosystem for many species of animals and wildlife.



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