Business & Economy Startups Yaacob Ibrahim Opens Techventure by Highlighting the Value of Startups

Yaacob Ibrahim Opens Techventure by Highlighting the Value of Startups




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Minister of Communications and Information, Dr. Yaacob Ibrahim, opened Techventure 2014 with a speech that addressed the need for connections between startup ventures and capital investors. This year’s event was held at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Center and it included exhibitions from groups based all over the world.

Techventure is a convention that centers on promoting innovation and technology. Along with being a venue where innovators can showcase their ideas, one of the key goals of the event is to facilitate networking opportunities between startup companies and capital investors. One of the highlights of the event is a pitch competition where different startup entrepreneurs compete for the grand prize of $50,000 dollars in investment capital.

In attendance at the event were delegates from countries ranging from right here in Singapore to as far away as places like the U.S. and Switzerland. More than 100 startups have setup exhibits that cover fields as diverse as healthcare, clean energy and biotechnology.

In his speech at the convention, Dr. Ibrahim spoke on the important role that startup companies play in the world of technology and innovation. He also went on to discuss how Singapore has an environment that provides a good opportunity for startups to grow.

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Minister Ibrahim said,

“At the heart of our ecosystem is an environment that encourages cross-fertilization of ideas and technology-driven entrepreneurship. And the key lies in building partnerships in research and funding.”

Techventure is one of the biggest conventions of its kind and having it in Singapore puts a light on the nation’s role in the world of innovation. Between events like this and government programs that help startup companies gain access to funding, Singapore positions itself to maintain Dr. Ibrahim’s vision of a startup friendly nation.

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