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One of the weirdest trends in the 2020s is that parents are now allowing their 6-year-old children to be a drag performer. However, being a drag queen is more of being a performer, to some it can be considered as an art form. But it is apparent that a solid amount of social media users are vehemently disagreeing with allowing a small child to be a drag performer. 

Vice did a lengthy video on explaining the boy being a drag queen. He apparently started his days with these sorts of performances when he was 4-years-old.  His parents complained that child protective services were called when they found out he is a performer. Many feel that he wasn’t born to do this as he is just a child. 

Conservatives appear to be coming in strong when it comes to protecting the rights of a child. Following that, some may see this as a likeness to child actors, which is another controversial topic. Furthermore, conservatives seem to also disagree with regular child beauty pageants as they can be detrimental to a small kid. 

X users showing their dismay as parents allow their 6-year-old son to be a drag queen 

There are several harsh allegations thrown towards the parents and the audience wanting to watch a 6-year-old drag queen. Following that, X users are obviously angry as they feel that his parents are placing him in a spotlight that could make him vulnerable to child predators. The user then claims that “no normal” person will watch this. 

In addition to this, users state that there isn’t such a thing as a 6-year-old drag performer, only a child that is abused by their parents. X users state that the parents and those involved in this should be punished. However, with the woke-ification of America, this appears to be the new norm of our society. 

There are several intense allegations spread about the parents. For the most part, conservatives are saying that this is disturbing and that it may mess up a child’s process of growing up. Users state that a drag performer is typically an adult-themed form of entertainment, and that children should not be involved in it. 

Regardless, this topic is a sensitive one between the ultra liberals and the centrist, conservatives.

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