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WP’s Low Thia Khiang and Yee Jenn Jong visit ESM Goh’s and Fatimah Lateef’s wards

The could be visiting PAP GRC's in a bid to challenge comments made by ESM Goh earlier




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Yesterday morning, Workers’ Party MP Low Thia Khiang, former Non-Constituency Member of Parliament (NCMP) and other Hammer outreach members went to and to give out their party newsletter, as well as to talk to residents.

In a social media post, former NCMP Yee Jenn Jong shared photos and added that the team went to the newly reopened Market and met “some familiar stall owners again, back after 14 months of closure. Some had gone to work in other markets and some took a year’s sabbatical”.

This morning’s visit to the recently re-opened Marine Parade Central market and the market, both within…

Posted by Yee Jenn Jong, JJ (余振忠) on Sunday, June 9, 2019

He also wrote that at Geylang Serai, their members greeted “every taxi driver that dropped riders off at the Geylang Serai taxi stand, despite the drizzle. A good number of drivers wound their windows down to get a copy of the Hammer”.

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Marine Parade is the ward currently helmed by Emeritus Senior Minister , while Geylang Serai is head by the People Action Party’s (PAP) Professor Fatimah Lateef.

The Workers’ Party could be visiting PAP GRC’s in a bid to challenge comments made by ESM Goh earlier. Emeritus Senior Minister  said in a recent interview with Chinese daily Lianhe Zaobao that the PAP will have to occupy 75 to 80 percent of seats at the Parliament in order to come across as a strong government.

In an earlier Facebook post on May 30, Yee took on ESM Goh’s comments and addressed them. He said that Singaporeans should not have to fear change as long as a strong alternative presence existed.

Last evening during cookies distribution at Marine Terrace, we came across an elderly gentleman who appreciated what we…

Posted by Yee Jenn Jong, JJ (余振忠) on Wednesday, May 29, 2019

He wrote, “And we need not impose such fear on ourselves, because fear is the politics that the ruling party had been playing for so long.”

Yee also added, “As an entrepreneur, I appreciate that competition is the way to force the incumbent to be responsive and innovative, and the alternative had to be credible. That is why we have anti-monopoly law in business, but when it came to politics, we have often been told that the ruling party needs a super strong majority or even absolute rule (we just heard it again from ESM Goh). The playing field has been made deliberately unfair and even good people have been deterred from taking the alternative side because of fear”. -/TISG

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