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WP on Lee’s Fullerton Rally speech: 4G team’s Covid-19 decision-making “leaves more to be desired”

Opposition party responds to leader's statement that the Govt can take the country through the crisis




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Singapore — In his speech on Monday (July 6), People’s Action Party  leader called the Covid-19 pandemic the crisis of a generation, adding, however, that it is one that the Government has the capability of taking Singapore through.

Mr Lee also pointed out that the opposition has not tackled the crisis and that it has been completely silent in the past six months and during the campaign period. He asked, if the opposition is voted in: “What contribution will they make in Parliament? What will happen if they form the Government?”

The opposition Workers’ Party () responded to this in a series of statements on its Facebook account, asserting that the decision-making process of the fourth generation of leaders from the “leaves more to be desired”, underlining a theme WP candidates have often made that “a constructive opposition” is necessary in Parliament.

Today, PM said in his Fullerton Lunchtime Rally Speech: "So I ask Singaporeans, don’t be taken in just…

Posted by The Workers' Party on Monday, 6 July 2020

The WP stated: Today, PM Lee Hsien Loong said in his Fullerton Lunchtime Rally Speech: “So I ask Singaporeans, don’t be taken in just to have more choices. Look carefully at the choices they offer you and ask if they can deliver. Don’t be taken for a ride. Your future is at stake.”

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Here’s what we have to say.

The WP’s series of short statements read:

#1 Since 1957, the Workers’ Party has been offering Singaporeans an alternative at  elections.
#2 The Workers’ Party believes in a Singapore for all, enabling the dreams of Singaporeans, building a dynamic economy with sustainable cost-of-living, and building robust political, governance and defence institutions.
#3 Our Covid-19 experience thus far informs all Singaporeans that the decision- making process of the fourth generation or 4G PAP leadership leaves more to be desired. It must be checked by a constructive opposition.
#4 A number of national issues of long-term priority will surface for discussion and debate in the months and years to come. This will require a parliamentary scrutiny, and challenge if necessary.
#5 The Workers’ Party will carry your mandate into Parliament, scrutinise government policy to safeguard the rights and interests of all voters, and hold the government to account.
#6 We believe that Singaporeans must Make Their Vote Count so their voices for the future can be heard.

The WP’s response to Mr Lee has been shared many times online and those commenting on it have voiced their agreement and support.


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