SINGAPORE: On Tuesday (Aug 8), Mr Pritam Singh, Secretary-General of The Workers’ Party and Leader of the Opposition, referenced the iconic song “Home” in this year’s National Day Message, even as he acknowledged the recent scandals that have beset the country.

“’Home’ resonates deeply with our yearning to be connected to our homeland, embrace precious memories from our past and ignite our dreams for our future. It remains loved by Singaporeans, who passionately sing along—and are often moved to tears—whenever it is played,” said Mr Singh, whose message may be summarized this way: “Making Singapore the Home we all cherish.”

He added that whilst Singapore “is experiencing a phase of deep introspection, driven partly by recent controversies,” the lyrics of “‘Home’ provide some comfort that, in times of trouble, our country will find a way to start anew and overcome these challenges.”

Performer Kit Chan recently rereleased the song as a 25th-anniversary remake.

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Mr Singh added: “Just like how the remake of ‘Home’ comes at a time when Singapore and the world at large are at a different juncture from a quarter-century ago, our national policies also need to be re-examined to make them relevant to today’s Singapore.

Making Singapore the home we all cherish requires a revitalised focus on improving the lives and livelihoods of Singaporeans.”

He pledged that the WP would keep on contributing to this through its MPs and outlined several proposals that are part of the WP’s manifesto or that have been brought up in Parliament that have seen progress in both parliamentary discussions and government policies.

These include a proposal for an increase in the allowances for full-time National Servicemen due to higher living costs, engaging independent consultants to conduct educational credential assessments in hiring foreign professionals, more housing options for singles, anti-discrimination legislation to prohibit discrimination and robust medical care for Singaporean athletes—able-bodied or disabled.

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“The Workers’ Party will continue to raise sensible proposals in Parliament that are in the best interest of Singapore, our Home, and continue to work with Singaporeans to build our dreams together. Outside of Parliament, we will continue to advocate for a fairer, more just, and kinder society, one that makes us proud to be Singaporeans, regardless of race, language or religion.

I wish all Singaporeans, both at home and overseas, a very Happy 58th National Day,” wrote Mr Singh.