SINGAPORE: A woman took to social media to express her shock after finding out her cai png meal cost S$9. Cai png or mixed rice is, after all, also known as economy rice, but there seemed to be very little that was economical about the meal.

A Ms AmeLia Wjh asked, “$9 for this?,” posting a photo of her order on the COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook page on Wednesday (Oct 11), as well as her receipt from Gao Sheng Seafood, an eatery at Choa Chu Kang. The meal, in a plastic takeaway box, showed what appeared to be one seafood or meat entree, a fried egg, and white rice.

Her post has since been shared and commented on, with Facebook users agreeing that the dish seemed quite expensive for what it was composed of, and should have only cost S$5.50 to S$6.50 at most. For S$9, the diner should have been given at least one more item, such as a piece of chicken, others said. One commenter even wrote, “JB here I come,” in reference to the less expensive meals across the border.

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The Independent Singapore has reached out to Ms AmeLia, as well as to Gao Sheng Seafood, for further comment or updates.

While complaints are not a new phenomenon, there have been more posts online about higher food prices over the past couple of years, since inflation drove up the prices of basic goods, including food items. However, this is by no means a phenomenon only Singapore is experiencing. Other countries in different parts of the world continue to experience high inflation rates as well. In Singapore, inflation has begun to level off.

Nevertheless, higher food prices appear to be a big concern for many Singaporeans, who have got used to high-quality and affordable food. Singapore is among very few countries where cooking at home may not be less expensive than buying a meal at eateries such as coffee shops and hawker places.

Last week, another woman took to social media because she was surprised at how much she was recently charged at a mixed rice stall. Ms Sherry Zhang also posted a photo of her meal on the COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook page on Friday (Oct 6), posting her receipt as proof.

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“What you see is what I get,” wrote Ms Zhang about the meal she had for lunch at Lao Ban Niang at NEX Food Junction in Serangoon Central. “Broccoli is a meat as claimed by the cashier. Also, fishcake is a fish.”


“Broccoli is meat” cashier says; charges diner S$6.70 for cai png