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Woman perched precariously on a ledge of a 10-storey HDB unit taking care her plants in the pouring rain

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The incident was caught on camera by a netizen named Fazeli who sent it to the crowdsourced news site Stomp

Singapore—Is there such a thing as caring for and loving one’s plants a little too much?

For one woman who lives on the tenth floor of an HDB block in Ang Mo Kio this is not the case.

A netizen filmed her taking care of her plants on the ledge of her tenth-floor HDB unit at Block 207 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1. What’s more, she was doing this in the pouring rain.

In the thirty-seven second video submitted by a netizen named Fazeli to the crowdsourced news site Stomp, a woman can be seen crouching on the ledge of her HDB unit, working closely on her plants, in the midst of heavy rain.

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How she even got there is anyone’s guess.

As far as can be seen, she had no safety harness or any other thing to keep her safe or block her way if she should accidentally slip or fall.

Neither does she show any fear, but simply and calmly goes about tending her plants. How long she stayed up there, or how often she does this, is unknown.

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Plants can be seen in the HDB units beside hers, but presumably (and hopefully) the woman’s neighbors tend to them in a safer manner.

Fazeli saw the woman at her rather dangerous pastime at nearly noon on July 23, Tuesday, and sent videos and photos of the remarkable incident to Stomp.

He told the news site, “It was so dangerous. The ledge must be very slippery with the rain.

She doesn’t even have a harness or a restraint to prevent her from falling.”

He added that half an hour later, the woman was still there.

The video has been shared many times after it was posted on July 23.

Some netizens seemed to applaud the woman for caring for her plants so attentively, while others could hardly believe that she was doing something so risky

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Others expressed concerns for her safety

Others decided to take it as a joke

Others seemed to think that what she was doing wasn’t so risky after all

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Another netizen wondered what the Town Council wouls do about this, given the possibilty of a plant falling and injuring, or perhaps even killing someone

Some people just seem to really love their plants beyond reason. In May, TISG reported about the “Pasir Ris jungle house”, wherein the resident in a HDB unit amassed so many plants that neighbours of the “jungle house” resident were concerned over obstructions and fire hazards.

That particular resident lived on the eighth floor at Block 101 Pasir Ris Street 6 but the “jungle” could be seen even from the ground.

The Straits Times posted a video (behind a paywall) of the residence on May 27 wherein the person who took the video went all the way up to the hallway in front of the unit, which was teeming with potted plants in all shapes and sizes, in all their overgrown glory.

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Since the plants belonging to the owner of the unit were crowding out the stairs, one of the neighbours said, “It’s a fire hazard, the walkway is very narrow, and the escape route in the event of an emergency is blocked. I have provided feedback to the town council on multiple occasions but am always told that the owner of the flat is not available during visits by town council representatives.”/ TISG

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