Asia Malaysia With elections near, Rafizi pressures Najib on

With elections near, Rafizi pressures Najib on 1MDB




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Opposition MP is not worried about a jail term that is hanging over his head and he is pressing ahead with more charges against supporters of the Prime Minister .

After announcing that a former leader had received money, he named Dr Nasharudin Hasan as the culprit, and he went further on Friday, lodging a report at the Malaysian anti- agency (MACC).

Saying the MACC has the information that he delivered to their HQ, Rafizi told the media he was doing his duties as an elected representative and leaves it to the authorities to reopen the ‘closed’ 1MDB case.

He said there are sufficient where the money that went to the former leader came from, mentioning the private account of in the process.

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Rafizi said he has the which he gave to MACC and expects the anti- agency to take appropriate actions.

Nasharudin has denied any wrong doings, saying he will sue Rafizi.

He said he never received any 1MDB money.

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