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Why Not PJ Thum for NMP?

There are many choice candidates to run for NMP. Who do you think it should be?




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By: Obbana Rajah

Four days ago, popular blogger Xiaxue or Wendy Cheng announced that she would be running for Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP). Since she has decided to throw her name into the mix, here are a few other possible candidates who could run too.

For those who are unaware, when choosing a NMP, the Special Select Committee of Parliament looks for people who:

  • Have rendered distinguished public service
  • Brought honour to Singapore
  • Excelled in certain fields such as the arts, the sciences, business, community service or the labour movement
  1. Sumiko Tan
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As the Executive Editor of the Straits Times, Sumiko is known for her fortnightly column, ‘Lunch with Sumiko’. She dines with famous personalities and gets to pick their brain over a meal. Hers is the longest-running column in the paper and has been on-going since July of 1994.

Why she should be considered for NMP?

Having rubbed shoulders with many famous people, Sumiko has friends in high places. She is very well known, personable and having authored a couple of books, is excellent with words.


  1. Gurmit Singh

Our very own funny man Gurmit Singh is famed for his TV persona as Phua Chu Kang, the best contractor in “Singapore, JB and some say Batam”. As an actor who starred in a sitcom for eight long seasons, Gurmit Singh has portrayed the socially accepted ah beng.

Why should he be considered?

Singlish. Not only that, he has also participated in a few campaigns, such as the one for SARS in 2003 where he released a rap and the Land Transport Authority’s campaign for graciousness on public transport.


  1. Kumar

When asked how he’d react if nominated, Kumar replied in jest: “It’d definitely be like one of those shocks when you get electrocuted but don’t actually die!”

This comedian and drag queen is not all fun and jokes. His stage persona shouldn’t be taken too lightly as the content of his shows often delve into very serious topics such as race, gender and sexuality.

Why should he be considered for NMP?

Along with his own unique style, Kumar definitely brings his own unique voice to the table. He is a heartlander, who made it the tough way. Not one to be taken at face value, for sure.

  1. Dipna Lim Prasad

This Singaporean hurdler and sprinter is also a National Record holder in the category of 400m Hurdles, as well as a 2015 SEA Games Silver Medallist.

Why should she be considered?

She comes with many achievements for Singapore, along with a much-needed representative voice for the athletic community.

  1. Sonny Liew

This illustrator is the creator of the first graphic novel to win the Singapore Literature Prize for fiction in 2016.

Why he should be considered?

Well, he took on K Shanmugam, Minister for Home Affairs and Law in the defence of PJ Thum through an illustration he drew.

  1. PJ Thum

This Historian does have his own avid following. Definitely an alternative voice, he has his own unique views on policies and views.

Why he should be considered for NMP?

He was able to endure the tough questioning from Minister Shanmugam for almost six hours – no easy feat. He stood up for most of his views and tried to defend them as best he could.


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