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Which Singapore Fibre Broadband Plan Is Best For You




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Life without the internet seems impossible for today. With the advancement in technology, more than 90% of households have an internet connection at home.

Yet, most Singaporeans researching well into it despite our reliance on getting connected. Much like our previous article on Singapore’s best mobile plan, Singaporeans may not be on the cheapest fibre broadband plans costing them money each year.

Key Takeaways: Best plans for different Lifestyles

  • For 12 Months Contract: WhizComms – Fibre broadband plan with 12 months contract is only available at Singtel and WhizComms, and in this case, WhizComms provides the cheapest service at $36 per month.

According to surveys and gathered feedback, more than 50% of Singaporeans prefer 1Gbps home broadband solutions. This is why we see the highest number of competition in the 1Gbps broadband space.

  • For 24 Months Contract: WhizComms/ViewQwest – For a 1Gbps, 24 Months Broadband plan, WhizComms turns out to be the cheapest solution. If you are willing to pay up 2 years worth of broadband at one shot, ViewQwest’s upfront promo will work out to be cheaper.
  • Broadband + TV + Mobile bundle: Tie – When it comes to bundles, only two service providers can compete in the field due to them having a TV box of their own. Singtel and Starhub each came out with two very different bundle plans steering away from competition.
  • Gamer Series: Depends – If you are a PC gamer, you might want to look at M1. If you are looking to get a PlayStation, why not sign up with MyRepublic?
  • No Contract: MyRepublic – Well, they are the only one with no contract plan
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Choosing the best broadband plan depends on various lifestyles. The broadband service providers are trying to differentiate their package from each other, which makes an apple to apple comparison rather challenging. However, if you recognize your lifestyle, eg. you are a gamer, you can then easily zoom in on the area of comparison and sign yourself up for the most economical plan.

Further Reading: Detailed Illustration Of Fibre Broadband Plans

The basic fibre broadband plans are broken down into either a 12 months contract or a 24 months contract.

Singtel vs WhizComms (12 Months Contract)

While not many providers are looking to lock in their consumers for less than 2 years, Singtel and WhizComms have their own 12 Months Contract plans.

  • Singtel’s 12 Months Contract plan comes with many perks such as mobile broadband, 10% off your Singtel mobile subscription and free home line.
  • If you are only looking at the speed of the internet and price, WhizComms will be the cheapest.

12 Months Fibre broadband plan comparisonSingtel vs Starhub vs M1 (24 Months Contract, Low Speed)

  • Newer service providers such as MyRepublic, ViewQwest and WhizComms are focusing their resources on the 1Gbps internet speed due to it being the most widely accepted internet speed by Singaporeans. This is why they lack presence in the lower and faster internet speed market.
  • For 24 months contract fibre broadband plan at 300Mbps, M1 is the only provider of such service.
  • For 24 months contract fibre broadband plan at 500Mbps, Starhub is cheaper compared to Singtel.

300MB and 500MB fibre broadband plan comparisonThe Ultimate Comparison For 24 Months Contract, 1Gbps And Above

  • 24-months contract 1Gbps fibre broadband plans is the standard plan across all internet providers.
  • Comparing apple to apple, WhizComms is the cheapest for their 24-months contract 1Gbps fibre broadband plans.
  • WhizComms is only charging $32 per month for a 24-months contract with no router and only $37 per month with a router.
  • M1 is the cheapest for 2Gbps onwards.
  • Consumers should pay attention to some of the charges for these plans.

24 months contract comparison

  • If you are willing to pay up 2 years worth of broadband at one shot, ViewQwest’s upfront promo will work out to be cheaper.

ViewQwest upfront promo - 24 months contract

M1 vs MyRepublic (Gamer Series – 24 Months Contract)

  • Gaming broadband plans come with network optimisation to reduce latency for consumers who are into gaming.
  • M1 has a Razer Gaming Bundle that comes with Free Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2 Keyboard and Razer Mamba Tournament Edition Mouse.
  • MyRepublic, on the other hand, comes with Free PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB + 1 DualShock 4 Controller. 
  • The difference between both plans over the 2 years is about $480. According to Qisahn, a PlayStation 4 Pro console with a Dualshock controller is priced around $599. Hence, this might sound like a good deal for those looking to get a console.

Gamepro vs gamer bundle comparison


Singtel vs Starhub (Bundles)

  • Internet providers such as Singtel and Starhub has an advantage of bundling up their cable TV, mobile plans and broadband plans.
  • Their add-ons ultimately differ which make it difficult to compare.
  • Our best take is to look at the mobile plans that most of the family is on, before making a decision.

Fibre broadband plans bundles comparison

MyRepublic (No Contract)

  • ViewQwest used to offer no contract broadband plans until recently.
  • If you do not wish to commit a timeline to your fibre broadband plan, a no contract plan from MyRepublic will be your only choice.

MyRepublic No Contract Fibre Broadband plan

Conclusion – Get The Best Plan According To Your Lifestyle

In conclusion, this article wishes to draw a quick comparison across most of the fibre broadband plans. Hopefully, you can now make better decisions when your current broadband contract ends.

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