Lifestyle What to do when you feel super sleepy at work?

What to do when you feel super sleepy at work?

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Cut the carbs at lunch, add more vegetables and protein, say some; one suggests power naps

SINGAPORE: A Reddit user shared that he always feels sleepy at work, especially during mid-afternoon.

u/tossaway3244 asked in r/askSingapore: “And why am I the only one in my whole office that feels this way?!” 

He then added that he kept reading about having a mid-afternoon “slump” and it is a “common thing” and usually occurs at 3pm or after lunch hour. 

“However, if it is so common, then why do all my colleagues always all look perfectly awake and fine?? I dont get it. It’s not like they ate any less than me and the colleagues I eat lunch with always eat heavy, alongside drinks like BBT,” the user added. 

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Others commented on the post and shared their experiences and gave advice. Many concluded that this happens due to an “insulin spike”.

One user stated: “Cut the carbs during lunch. Just keep to high protein food or Veges. Also avoid early morning coffee. Get your coffee maybe 2-3 hours after waking up and have had plenty of water before your first cup. I tried above changes and it works for me. (not sure if it will for you).” 

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Another user remarked: “Usually an insulin trough after lunch will cause this. Have less carbs for lunch. Add more vegetables and protein. It’ll even out your blood sugar.” 

Another user suggested: “Power naps. Find an empty room or quiet area, shuteye for 10-15mins”, “We tend to have heavy lunch, that’s the problem”, “Might be a sign of fatty/ unhealthy liver. Try cut out sugar and reduce simple carbs from your diet,” and “eat lighter, less carbs”.

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“Not good advice but I pinch and punch myself. A lot of bruises but v.effective,” said one more user. 

A commenter also stated: “It’s the bbt that keeps them awake in the afternoons, bbt is life.”

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