Relationships What can a man do if he finds out his baby isn’t...

What can a man do if he finds out his baby isn’t his?

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He had been overseas when the conception may have occurred...

SINGAPORE: A Reddit user asked what recourse a man could take if he discovers that a baby isn’t his, adding that he wondered if he should talk to his friend in this predicament.

”What can a man do if he finds out his baby isn’t his?” asked u/normificator on r/askSingapore on May 25 (Friday), explaining that “Recently a friend’s wife got pregnant under the most suspicious circumstances. This got me thinking, what are the rules here if a man discovers that his baby isn’t his?”

He edited his post to ask whether he should mind his business or tell his friend about his suspicions.

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In the answers to the questions commenters asked him, the post author explained that his friend had been overseas when conception may have occurred.

But a Reddit user explained that establishing a pregnancy date is not an exact science and can be difficult as not every woman has regular ovulation cycles.

The post author also wrote that his friend “was overseas on work not holiday. Was a long period of time. Came back immediately his normally dead fish wife jumped him.”

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One much-upvoted answer has a Reddit user urging the post author to have his friend undergo a paternity test.

One female commenter, however, urged the post author to mind his own business.

“My husband is now overseas. Scary to think that his friends might accuse me of conceiving another man’s baby because they jump to conclusions without even knowing the private details of this woman’s menstrual cycle.

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Dude. It’s not your wife or your own family. Mind your own business. Your allegation, if false, could ruin multiple people’s lives.”

Another agreed. “Mind your own biz. You are only permitted to talk after the guy himself talks. Even then you don’t dump your suspicions on him. Before that happens, zip it.”


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