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“We are counting on you” – Singaporeans urge Lee Hsien Yang to be a part of the change and contest next GE




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Hundreds of Singaporeans have added their voices to the chorus urging Lee Hsien Yang to join the opposition and go against the People’s Action Party (PAP) in the next election, after he asked Singaporeans whether this is the kind of Government they want, in a Facebook post yesterday.

Pointing out that the authorities in Singapore have been going after his son, Li Shengwu, for 18 months over a private Facebook post and that they are now seeking to apply newly enacted rules on Shengwu retroactively, Lee said:

“The Attorney General’s Chambers (AGC) has been prosecuting Shengwu for 18 months over a private Facebook post. This started shortly after Lee Hsien Loong declared himself innocent in Parliament during the Oxleygate scandal.
“This Friday, 18 January 2019, Shengwu’s appeal on the AGC’s so-called service of process overseas will be heard in open court at 10am. The AGC is arguing at the court of appeal hearing that it can apply newly enacted rules on Shengwu retroactively.
“Is this the kind of government we want?”

Hundreds of Singaporeans answered Lee Hsien Yang and agreed that they do not want this sort of Government. Several netizens asked Lee to be the change he wants to see by standing up for the people of Singapore and contesting the next election himself:

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