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Water issue woes: Netizens on both sides of the Causeway have their say

No dry taps comments-wise as Singaporeans and Malaysians discuss the water issue online.




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SINGAPORE — Since the water issue is at boiling point, netizens from both countries have been weighing in and expressing their opinions on the matter.

Some Singaporeans have applauded their government’s firm stance, in the context of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ statement that “Singapore has been clear and consistent that our position is that Malaysia has lost the right to review the price of water under the 1962 Water Agreement.”

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Other commenters, however, question this stance.

However, there are commenters from both sides who are urging for negotiations to be re-started.

Others believe that it’s time to take the matter to international courts.

Some feel international court action may end badly for Malaysia as that the agreement is binding.

And yet, at least one netizen believes that it’s best to simply honor the existing agreement and negotiate the terms when it runs out.

Some suggest that perhaps Singapore should be looking for new sources of water.

And that Malaysia, in turn, should begin to process its own water.

A Malaysian netizen proposed a very simple hashtag as a solution:

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