Entertainment Celebrity Wang Feng gets SGD480k to perform three songs, fan unhappy with cocky...

Wang Feng gets SGD480k to perform three songs, fan unhappy with cocky behaviour

The singer walked off the stage despite the emcee gesturing for him to remain so fans could give him flowers and show their appreciation




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Chinese rocker Wang Feng came under fire recently after a video of him performing at a private event on October 19 went viral online. Netizens are calling the 49-year-old out for his ‘cocky behaviour’ because of something he did after the performance.

The performance was organised by an influencer to celebrate the opening of their company with hundreds of fellow influencers in attendance. Wang Feng was invited to perform three songs at the private event as a special guest.

It was reported that Wang Feng was paid a whopping 2.4mil yuan (S$480,000) for the gig which works out to about S$160K per song. The performance was also live-streamed online. Wang Feng was visibly affected by the poor sound system during his performance. He raised his hand as a signal for the staff to fix the tone control at one point but nothing was done and his voice broke a number of times while he was singing. Nevertheless, the crowd was supportive, showering the rocker with applause once his performance concluded.

Wang Feng was criticised for his ‘cocky behaviour’. Picture: YouTube

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Wang Feng appeared to be less enthusiastic and had turned to walk off the stage but not before saying “Thank you, everyone”. The emcee was taken aback and gestured for Wang Feng to stay on stage as there were people who wanted to give Wang Feng flowers as a show of appreciation. Surprisingly, Wang Feng did not turn around at all, continuing to make his way off-stage while being accompanied by ‘eight to nine bodyguards’.

Netizens were upset by the rocker’s behaviour, criticising him for being ‘cocky’. Others also said that his appearance fees was ‘way too high.’

“This is so expensive! 2.4mil yuan (S$480,000) for three songs, and he just walks away immediately after that, without saying a single word. Is he that high-profile? Next time, you can just hire me for 100,000 yuan (S$20,000), and I’ll gladly sing the whole night,” an enterprising netizen wrote.

Some pointed out that Wang Feng did not even thank the organisers who had paid big bucks to invite him to the event before he left the stage, calling him ‘ungrateful’. Some netizens defended Wang Feng, saying that he reminded everyone not to give him flowers before he went on stage that night.

On October 21, the rocker cleared everything up with a short statement.

He shared that he was constantly interacting with the audience that night, and that he’s always thankful for the support of his fans.

However, if everyone were to run up on stage after his performance to present him with flowers, it would ‘disrupt the order’ of the night, and put undue stress on his bodyguards. Therefore, he decided to leave quickly, so as to prevent such chaos from happening.Follow us on Social Media

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