Video explains Islamists U-turn in Malaysian politics


This video tells of a story that reveals some of the reasons why the Islamists has made a U-turn in Malaysian politics.

The speaker is telling how he heard PAS leader Abdul Hadi Awang speak about leaving former spiritual leader Nik Aziz Nik Mat aside in his quest to join the ruling Barisan Nasional in power.

The crucial part of the video is where the commentator described how Hadi Awang said to Umno and PAS members who were with him at Prime Minister Najib Razak’s house at Putrajaya the party should get rid of Nik Aziz.

“Leave him,” Hadi is said to have commented when those present asked him what will be Nik Aziz’s reaction upon hearing the party was negotiating with Umno behind his back.


“He does not come to the party meetings. And if he comes, he sleeps,” said Hadi.

Opposition campaigners are using the speech by the Umno man in the video to ‘prove’ that Hadi Awang backstabbed Nik Aziz – who was the most respected PAS leader until his death – in order to get the party to join the Umno.

The video ends with Hadi saying: “If we want to get the Umno voters to vote for us, we have to join with Umno. Otherwise, why would they vote us?”

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