Entertainment Celebrity reveals face contouring hack

Victoria Beckham reveals face contouring hack

The former Spice girl's hairdresser said he uses a method called contouring, blowing the hair to highlights the cheekbones




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Former Spice Girl is famous for her chiselled cheekbones and Posh Spice pout, and often shares her fashion and beauty advice with fans. The fashion designer’s hairdresser , who has worked with Eva Longoria and Sienna Miller, has now shared that the duo have a cool trick of making sure Victoria’s bone structure looks even more refined.

He told HELLO!: “It’s what we call a kind of ‘ contouring’. What I would do to highlight the cheekbones, is anything from the back of the ear we always blow-dry a little bit flatter and at an angle – so it slims down the face but then kind of highlights the cheeks a little bit.”

“The front section is blowdried forward and flatter – you get that slimmer look to the face,” he added.

“You then add the curl from the end of the cheekbones – so you get the cheekbone highlight, then lift off the cheekbone to open it up with the shape of the lips so you then get that fuller lip feeling. It’s what I call a ‘bounce’!”

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The hairdresser is also a spokesperson for natural haircare line SheaMoisture. He shared his go-to tool for Victoria’s soft, natural curls which is a classic tong.

“What we used to do is we’d create what I call an S-bend shape,” he said. “You kind of create a waterfall around the tong rather than all the way round… you get that gentle bend.”

Collier is famous among celebrities and he shared that he works with a male client within the royal family.

“So actually, the Gel Soufflé, which is one of my favourite [products]… I can’t actually say the name – but I can say the family, which is a member of the royal family,” he said. “They’re in love with this particular product because it just controls their curls. He is a natural curly guy, I can say, and he loves it.”

He revealed his top tip for caring for your hair at home, too, adding that taking time for treatments during the UK lockdown is ideal.

“Because everybody’s wearing their hair back and doing less styling, it’s a really good time to treat your hair,” he said.

“What I love is the Leave-in Coconut Treatment. If you can’t be bothered washing and blow-drying your hair and you just want to put it back in a bun – spray a load of this on, get it nice and smooth and treat your hair while it’s up in a bun.

“Use this time to get the vitamins and moisture back into it, before we get back to heat styling again.”

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