Asia Malaysia Umno registering 300 new members daily

Umno registering 300 new members daily




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Claiming the party’s membership has reached 3.6 million – from a fixed 3 million figure that has been floating around for more than a decade, the Umno said its members are growing by 300 daily.

This was posted on the party’s IT chief Ahmad Maslan’s Instagram account.

It says The number of registrations has increased from April to May, with 29840 new members registered.

Maslan, who is known for his Instagram and Facebook messages that has misfired and caused him to join the ‘meme’ world of Malaysia, said half of this figure were online registrants.

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This is consistent with the recent rise in the party’s portal the which registered a spike in its unique visitors lately.

However, Netizens are disputing the 3.64 figure, saying surely the party is not counting dead members as well as members who have left the party since former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad slammed the doors on PM Najib Razak’s administration.

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