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Two opposition parties' secretary-generals cast aspersions on WP NCMP




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Two opposition politicians have commented on this publication’s report, ‘The man to watch in the House – Workers’ Party NCMP Leon Perera“, casting aspersions on the NCMP.
A cursory reading of the article itself will show that it is a factual report on Mr Perera’s visit to the constituency he contested-in in the last election, and on a TV programme in which he was a panelist. Our report had also clearly stated that the NCMP is “newly minted”, and hence the reason to watch his performance in Parliament.
Despite these facts, secretary-general of the Reform Party, Mr Kenneth Jeyaretnam has suggested that the NCMP had picked himself as the ‘man to watch’ because he is one of the founders of the publication.
“Hilarious article in Leon Perera’s The Independent about Leon Perera (The website’s founder) He’s picked himself as ‘the man to watch’. Reminds me of all those cases I’ve highlighted of organisations with Lee family/ links giving /Lee family awards and so forth. It’s not as though doesn’t already have enough problems with cronyism…This is about someone writing a fluff piece on himself.” – Mr Jeyaretnam
One of the Directors of this publication, Mr Alfred Dodwell has clarified that it is known that Mr Perera is a shareholder in the company which publishes The Independent Singapore (TISG), Protegesoft Pte Ltd, but that Mr Perera “does not interfere in the running or editorial of TISG”.
“TISG is not opposition. Leon is the most noble and upright man. Never has he ever asked for a story to be run or not run. He does not interfere in the running or editorial of TISG. A genuine man who cares for society and whatever story is run is decisions made by the editorial team in a fair and unbiased and independent manner.” – Mr Dodwell
Secretary-general of the People’s Power Party, Mr Goh Meng Seng too has weighed in on the publication of the article saying, “better not have too much high hope yet else, we will end up with another great disappointment”.
Mr Ravi Philemon (Singapore People’s Party candidate in GE2015) chided Mr Goh for making that comment and said, “don’t be such ‘sour grapes’ lah Meng Seng,” to which Mr Goh replied:
“Oh Dear… now I become sour grape! haha.. Actually, this was not my comment, but somebody else who used to have great expectation on WP star MP CSM from 2011… ok ok, better not say anything further.”
In GE2015, Mr Goh and Mr Jeyaretnam’s teams got 23.1 percent and 21.4 percent of the overall votes cast respectively in the wards they contested in, while Mr Perera’s team in East Coast GRC garnered 39.3 percent.

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