International World Trump the saviour of Arabism

Trump the saviour of Arabism




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There was no surprise in US President Donald Trump’s message to the Islamic world, as it was to be one against Iran, Syria and the so-called Islamic State.

What was surprising is the reaction by moderates after the speech, showing their utter disgust or complete surprise that Trump took Iran and its Arab allies to the task.

But the very fact that Trump decided to deliver his a-la-Barack-Obama speech-in-the-Middle-East in Saudi Arabia is quite a surprise.

The question here is why did he not deliver the speech at the Jerusalem Hill top, given his absolute trust and faith in the Israeli regime?

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Seriously, Trump’s anti-Iran stance is not unexpected at all.

Did anyone expect Trump to forget to condemn the ISIS in his speech? No.

Likewise, no one thought Trump would be kind to Iran, not after his electoral campaign banter against Teheran and its nuclear program.

But what has escaped the minds of those who listened to his speech is that Trump spoke like a ‘paid religious scholar’ who came to the defense of Sauri Arabia and of the Sunni world.


While Obama leant towards Iran – in a wicked manner that gave Tehran more room to play against its Sunni foes – and opened the gates of hell for a murderous campaign across the Middle East with the killer ‘Arab Spring’, Trump came as the saviour of Arabism.

His speech was more or less expected by the Saudi gentry, probably aided by the royal aides and will not be surprising at all if he was in touch with the Saudi leaders before he crafted his speech.

The fact that Trump said ‘We will all be judged by God’ is nothing new to the Saudis, as they are telling their people and the Sunni world on a daily basis that the fight against terror is one that is sanctioned by God.

The Saudis have also been telling their people and the people in the Middle East that allowing terror to groom in their midst will be ‘judged by God’.

That is the surprise element in the Trump speech, not what he said about Iran, terror or human rights and so on.

If one would think that Trump was causing the world to shake when he said the fight against terrorism “is not a battle between different faiths, different sects, or different civilizations,” then you must be new to Middle Eastern politics.

Whether the war against ISIS terror “is a battle between barbaric criminals who seek to obliterate human life, and decent people of all religions who seek to protect it. This is a battle between good and evil,” is something new that Trump said, is questionable.

Every single decent human being knows that.

Now, what is the fuss that the Iranians are making about Trump’s speech?

NOTE: The newly coined word ‘Arabism’ is used in a bid to explain the difficult association of the entire Middle East with Arabs as there are also a fair population of Persians, Druze, Jews and so on in the region.

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