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TISG Exclusive: Foreign worker housed at Mandai Lodge 1 exposes poor conditions

In the photos he shared the toilets were filthy and clogged




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In an exclusive with TISG, a foreign worker housed at Mandai Lodge 1 shared photos of the poor conditions he and others had to live in.

The worker, who wished to be anonymous, said that he dreaded going back to the lodge daily because of the poor conditions.

In photos he shared, toilets were seen to be dirty and in bad condition. Many urinals were seen to be filled with urine and not draining. In a video he sent to TISG, out of eight urinals, four were seen to be filled and three were tied up.

Toilet doors were broken and a squatting toilet was seen to be filled with an assortment of pipes.

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From the videos he sent, toilets were also dirty and not maintained.

The worker told TISG that 11 men were housed in each room, in double-decker bunk beds. He explained that because he worked shifts, he did not have to compete with the rest for toilets. The worker also said that the toilets had been choked for very long and that he does not remember them being cleaned.

He added that previously, he was ferried in buses to his place of work, however, due to the Covid-19 situation, all of the workers were driven in a lorry.

There are 908 new coronavirus cases confirmed as of Wednesday noon (Aug 5), taking Singapore’s total to 54,254.

The vast majority are dormitory residents who were tested during their isolation or quarantine period, even though they are asymptomatic, the Ministry of Health (MOH) said.

The patients are among the final batch of workers being cleared, and they come from dormitories with a relatively high prevalence of Covid-19. /TISG

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