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Tipsy man unwilling to cooperate, advances towards police with a punch, gets tasered

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Singapore – A guy had a stand-off with four Singapore policemen and got tasered for not cooperating and lunging at an officer.

On June 9, ROADS.sg received a video showing a half-drunk man getting tasered by the Singapore police for posing a risk to public safety as well as his own.

The incident took place at Everton Park in the Outram area.

The video began with two officers calmly dealing with an allegedly tipsy man in an unbuttoned shirt and green shorts.

The man paid no attention to the warnings of the officers and instead kept shouting at them and continued to take big gulps from the canned beverage he was holding.

Eventually, another police car arrived, and two more officers joined the scene.

The man tried lunging and throwing a punch at an officer, which caused the officers to take things to the next level – through batons, guns, and tasers.

An officer tried to tase the man from behind but failed.

A gunshot was also heard during the confrontation.

The officer that the allegedly tipsy man tried attacking struck the man on his legs with his baton but somehow did not affect the target.

The man was ordered to “get down” by the police and, after another gunshot and being tased once more, the man fell to the ground.

“The last 5 seconds you can see the officer telling the lady officer ‘taser gun really effective huh,’” noted a part of the caption.

Watch the video here:

Man Got Tasered

This man kena tasered liaos! That's for openly disregarding police command and still drinking even when confronted by the Police. Lucky police got 4 men to handle drunk dude.<Reader contribution by Rajendren>

Posted by All Singapore Stuff on Sunday, June 9, 2019

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