Entertainment Arts There is no stopping wonder woman Jennifer Aniston

There is no stopping wonder woman Jennifer Aniston

There were a lot of naysayers early in her career; her own family did not believe she could make it as an actress




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At the age of 50, it may be difficult to land the role of a superhero but Friends alum Jennifer Aniston once, and maybe still, wanted to be Wonder Woman.

There is no stopping this force because she has started the year on a very good note. She has picked up a Screen Actors Guild Award for her work. She is also involved in a streaming project for Apple, and has another film and untitled project work in the works.

Israeli-born Gal Gadot did a good job playing Wonder Woman. From starting out almost a nobody to gaining a large following, Gadot was a fit for the role.

Aniston would like to have a go at it even though she is more known for her comedic roles. She is also able to do drama and action but the opportunity for Wonder Woman just did not come through.

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Cinemablend reported this week that Aniston could have become Wonder Woman if the comic book movie genre started off in the 1990s or early 2000s. Only in 2008 did the genre got its start. Although Aniston missed her chance at being a superhero, she is still living the life with The Morning Show and there is talk about a Friends reunion.

Friends star Jennifer Aniston with Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow. Picture: Instagram

Aniston has had a good career in TV roles, movie roles as well as directing and producing. Although she is successful now, it was not always this way.

In an interview with People recently, she said there were a lot of naysayers early in her career. Her own family did not believe she could make it as an actress.

Friends was her breakout role. She played Rachel Green, daughter of a Long Island surgeon. She landed the role at the age of 25 and for 10 seasons, fans cheered, cried and laugh with Rachel.

Friends premiered 25 years ago and it has been 15 years since the final season. Some of the cast members went on to act in other projects but none of them is as beloved as Aniston. Her girl-next-door charm and somewhat disastrous love life make it easier for the man in the street to feel connected to her.

Brad Pitt left Aniston for Angelina Jolie when they co-starred in Mr and Mrs Smith. Aniston’s marriage to Justin Theroux also did not work out and her relationships with John Mayer and Vince Vaughn tanked.

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