There are many types of people out there and finding someone that’s right for you is always a challenge but there is a category of people that should be avoided at all costs.

Here’s some examples of the kind of people you should steer clear of at all cost:

  1. The molly coddled boy/man or woman

      Someone who can’t make decision without asking their mummy and daddy even if they’re 35 years old. Signs of this could also inlcude someone who has to ask their parent an opinion on everything including what they wear.

  1. The non-committal person

If they say they can’t or won’t commit please believe them. Don’t try to change them or thing you’re the one. Dump them unless you’re prepared to wait forever.

  1. The player

The serial cheater, the player. It is exactly as it sounds, no matter how charming or debonair this person appears to be, you don’t want to be the one who is convinced that he will change for you no matter how many times he says it. They are not interested in a serious relationship and simply love playing the field and all the attention that entails.

  1. The narcissist

This person is so in love with themselves everything and everyone else is a waste of time for them although at first they will go all out to love bomb you until you are hooked. There is simply no room for you or your needs as they are way to obsessed with themselves.

  1. The flake

Although the stereotype is that women can be flaky it applies to men as well. Someone who is flaky often has no principles or the ability to make a stand on anything and that’s the last thing you want. They just swing wherever the wind blows and having a relationship with them, needless to say is going to be so trying and exhausting in every way.

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