Tesla, through its boss Elon Musk promised to change the world of automobile with a super electric car that will be the game changer in an industry that has taken too long to transform itself.

We read about the failed ventures where cars that are more fuel efficient loses out to guzzlers in the industrial battle in the past, but Tesla has made it and there is nothing that can stop it now.

Not even the OPEC’s cheap oil campaign!

Read what Bloomberg has to say about the new Tesla Model 3, the car that will be known as the model that changed the world of automobile as we know it.

“The car doesn’t have a key, or a key fob. Instead it syncs to your phone through a bluetooth connection and will automatically unlock as you approach.

“The backup in case your phone dies or you need to hand it off to a valet is a thin key card that you can keep in your wallet. Swipe it on the car’s B pillar to unlock it, and place it on the center console to turn the car on.”

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Is the best description for this prized car. No, you can’t get one for yourself right now. You go to wait until 2018 if you pay a US$1000 deposit for your version of the Model 3.

Indeed, it is the cheapest among all electric cars in the world at US$35,000 with a range of 220 miles (estimated) per charge (that is everytime you fully charge your Tesla Model 3 that comes with a standard battery.)

There is also the long range battery model, priced at US$44,000, with a range of 310 miles and a supercharge rate of 170 miles in 30 minutes (Same as Tesla’s Model 3).

Now how has Tesla changed the world of automobile?

Imagine that: By 2040, there is the possibility that 54 percent of all cars sold on the planet will be electric.

The UK announced last weekend that it would ban the sale of all ‘new’ fossil fuel cars by 2040.

France’s environmental minister said on Monday his country would ban the sale of all fossil fuel-burning vehicles by 2040.

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And Volvo said it would stop selling gas-only cars by 2019.

Singapore is already testing the road worthiness of self-driving taxis and buses. This indicates there are policies to be put in place that will allow for the change in direction, from the fossil fuel oil, to the fully electric cars!