Home News Tempered glass table shatters injuring several people

Tempered glass table shatters injuring several people

A dinner party turned into a bloody ordeal last Sunday after a tempered glass tabletop shattered, wounding the guests




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A couple had a bad experience when a glass table top shattered while they were having dinner with friends.

The woman Stephanie Chu whose home the dinner was at said that seeing the glass top shatter and getting herself burnt by hot soup was traumatising.

Speaking to TISG, the owner says they rejected offers to replace the glass top with a new one and wanted monetary compensation instead.

“The company offered for (sic) a table top replacement. They called us back with monetary compensation out of good will. But we rejected it as well as it was clearly insufficient for the damages anyway,” she says to TISG in a conversation via Facebook messenger.

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“But my husband n (sic) I rejected it. I am sure u understand why,” she says, adding that, “We hang up the phone. (sic). “The incident was reported in several news portals. It happened on Jan 19 during a pre-Chinese New Year celebration with friends.

The dinner party turned into a bloody ordeal last Sunday after the tempered glass tabletop shattered, wounding the guests.

“About 30 minutes into the dinner, my dining table “EXPLODED” and the entire tempered glass top shattered into pieces. Now, steamboat lovers would know the potential devastation when a hotpot pot were to be toppled/spilled over. Now x10 (sic) of the damage because of the sudden shatter with glass flying everywhere,” wrote Chu.

In shock, Ms Chu managed to act quickly though, calling the ambulance and paramedics who came down to rescue them, she says.

“With all my guests injured, some with cuts bigger than the size of an eye. I myself was brought to NTF for treatment of 2nd degree burns,” she wrote on Facebook.


Courtesy: Stephanie Chu’s Facebook Page

Speaking to TISG, she made a request that the dangers of such an incident be emphasised.

She said the table top was made of tempered glass and should not have shattered.

After reading some of the comments, she says she realised that some people thought that it was ordinary glass.

“Please help us by stating the full functionality of tempered glass. Plus, according to the company’s director, they said that it is their strongest glass product in their company,” she said.

She insisted that they are not asking for any compensation for trauma and so on.
“But the company did not contact us to follow up.

“They even told the reporters that they r (sic) still in talks with us. Which is not true.”

She said some readers misunderstood the situation and some people are pushing the blame on them.
“They are pushing the blame to consumers, stating that we misused our table which we did not. In terms of overloading the table, I had a trolley to place my food items,” she said.

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