Forum Letter to the Editor Successful Fundraising of WP MPs

Successful Fundraising of WP MPs




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Dear Editors,

As with all well-wishers who contributed to the three WP MP’s fundraiser, we rejoice that civic consciousness has prevailed over the gloomy fact that we might lose our only dissenting voices in Parliament!
This kick starts a series of strong signals we will be sending to the PAP government, in the lead up to the next polls. Chan Chun Sing asked for “ground sensing” from his PA staffs and the result is both conclusive and consistent with prevailing sentiments on the ground echoed by ST’s Han Fook Kwang: “That we neither want a dominant nor worse still, a dominating PAP in Parliament” which protects it’s own interest and that of the civil service which is subservient to them. If Chan Chun Sing truly wants to listen to the people, he need not look further than reading the numerous letters his PAP colleagues have been sending to the various agencies. My own MP has written several times to the CEO of Comfort Taxi who “meritocratically” happens to be a fellow PAP MP, only to be met with no responses.
On the other hand, if $600,000 is what the WP MPs need to tide through this crisis initially, then we’ll do what it takes to deliver them that amount. If $100,000 is what Prof Wong Sook Yee requires to hold the government accountable for a by-election, then we’ll assist her in the bid. Such is the political landscape post GE 2015 and post LKY!
We treasure the Fabric of the Nation and will jealously guard what our Founding Fathers left us, albeit through the Opposition as the PAP of today is no longer one we can entrust with that mission in the long run, especially after the Oxley gate saga. The lines of separation of powers has been blurred since then.
If 30,000 members of megachurch New Creation can raise $280 million to build their Star Vista, I do not see how difficult it is for some 3.87 million of us to raise $33 million to Institutionalised the Opposition! The impetus now lies on Tan Rajah & Cheah to waive as much legal fees as they can to match the goodwill of ordinary Singaporeans.
In the meantime, it remains unclear who is footing the bill for Davinder Singh to persecute the WP MPs after both CAD and CPIB found no wrongdoing and if Town Councillors of PRPTC had done their due diligence in enquiring if such a course of action is what their residents truly desire?
Regardless of the outcome of the suit and who instigated it, the WP MPs have emerged victorious in the war of opinion and the Courts of the people will render their terrifying judgement accordingly at the ballot box. The removal of any democratically elected official can only be done via the box and not through the backdoor of appointed officers!
Judy Tan


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