International Asia Study: A third of Singaporeans lie on their resumes, mostly regarding financial...

Study: A third of Singaporeans lie on their resumes, mostly regarding financial matters

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Ever lied about your Microsoft Excel proficiency to snag that job interview? Looks like you’re not the only one who lies on your resume.

The latest study by an international background checking firm revealed that around 30 percent of Singaporeans have included inaccurate information in their resumes when applying for jobs, according to an initial report by The Straits Times.

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Singapore has the highest rate of job application discrepancies in the Asia-Pacific. Hong Kong comes second at 26 percent, followed by the Philippines at 24 percent, and Malaysia at 20 percent. South Korea had the lowest rate of discrepancies in the region at a mere 5 percent.

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The First Advantage firm stated that the discrepancies in the applications consisted of inconsistent employment dates, positions held, tasks and responsibilities, remuneration, and reasons for leaving. Others have also put inaccurate details regarding their educational background.

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The firm collected data from over a million individual background checks in 2018 across nine Asia-Pacific countries.

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The study also showed that 22 percent of the misrepresentations made by Singaporeans involved hiding or skewing negative financial records such as bankruptcy, credit checks, money laundering.

According to the results of the study, employers in Singapore prioritised candidates’ financial reputation which includes their involvement with civil litigation, credit checks, and bankruptcy.

Next time you consider putting inaccurate little white lies on your resume, you had better think twice. Companies take extra steps to verify the information you provide. Get caught lying, and you’ve damaged your professional reputation for the long run./TISG

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