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S’pore taxi driver tries to humiliate allegedly drunk lady for not paying fare, receives backlash instead

The taxi driver told her, "I will make you famous, miss. I will make you famous.”



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Singapore – A taxi driver tried to make a seemingly drunk female passenger “famous” for not paying her fare but received much flak from netizens instead for his lack of consideration.

A video was uploaded on Interesting Media Happenings IMH’s Facebook page on July 12 (Friday) showing a taxi driver claiming that his passenger, an allegedly drunk female, did not want to pay the fare.

A condensed version of the two-and-a-half-minute video went as follows:

Taxi driver (TD): Miss listen, do you want to pay the money or not, ok

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TD: I will make you very famous, ok

TD: You tell me, do you want to pay the taxi fare?

He asks this repeatedly in the video.

TD: You say now, do you want to pay the taxi fare?

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TD: As simple as that

TD: Don’t go away (when the woman was trying to go back to the car)

Things got confusing because while the woman kept repeating, “I want to pay you the fee,” the taxi driver kept cutting her off by saying, “No, just pay me the fare.”

“No listen, listen. I’m the taxi driver; I send you here, you pay the fare, ok?”

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The woman was still saying, “I want to pay you the fee.”

Then the taxi driver talks to the “ watching the video” and says, “She’s not going to pay for the fare.”

“I will make you famous, miss. I will make you famous.”

The lady asked if she could reach into the car to get her bag so she could pay.

However, the taxi driver noted that she rode without belongings.

He let her look into the passenger seat and even the car boot but to no avail.

“Listen, what bag you have? You are wasting my time, you are wasting everybody’s time.”

“And make sure I will make you famous.”

He went on to say that he picked her up from Raffles Place and to “look at her.”

“A young lady like her. That tried to avoid paying fare. What the hell.”

He noted that the police were coming and that they would wait.

Again, he urged everyone watching to “look carefully at the lady.”

He mentioned how she was a young and beautiful lady, but “probably did not know that she was in Singapore.”

He repeated “look at her” a few more times and told her not to go away when clearly she had no plans of going anywhere.

It would seem that the taxi driver’s plan to make the woman famous backfired, for it was he who received a lot of attention from netizens.

Many were disappointed at how the taxi driver handled the situation.

Below were some of the comments on the trending post:

Photo: FB screengrab

Photo: FB screengrab

Photo: FB screengrab

Others even commented about whether the driver knew how a conversation went because he just kept talking without letting the other person have a turn.

Photo: FB screengrab

Meanwhile, others noted how the action seemed borderline harassment already.

Photo: FB screengrab
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