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Special delivery as woman gives birth in Grab car




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Singapore — A young mother gave birth inside a Grab car while on the way to the hospital.

Nur Syazwani Muhammad Rosdi and her husband Kamarulnizam Kiman booked a Grab car going to Thomson Medical Care on Wednesday (Aug 7). The couple who live in the Canberra area was approximately 30 minutes away from their destination.

Ten minutes into the drive, the 25-year-old Ms Syazwani experienced strong contractions until her water broke.

Recounting her experience on Facebook, Ms Syazwani says tried to control her contractions but her body “went into active labour.”

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“My body was telling me to push the baby out. I did,” she shared in her post.

She was seated in the back of the car and continued to push until the baby came out. Mildly panicking, the husband immediately caught their new baby as he was seated in front.

Mr Kamarulnizam said he held his baby daughter in one hand while the other he held his wife’s placenta.

The birth process took 10 minutes, and the arrived at the hospital after a 30-minute car ride.

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Ms Syazwani expressed her gratitude and apologies to their “heroic” Grab car driver, Chia Shang Heng, who treated them with kindness and calm demeanor during the entire ordeal.

“We apologise for the mess made to your car, the lost from not having a clean car to drive and the terrible drama scene you had to deal with while driving.”

They have also paid the driver a S$220 compensation fee on top of the S$15 fare and S$8 tip.

The couple now have a baby named Mia, their third child.

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According to a report by the Straits Times, this is the fourth incident of a mother giving birth in a Grab car in Singapore./TISGFollow us on Social Media

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