Entertainment Celebrity Song Hye Kyo shares about her upcoming drama and more

Song Hye Kyo shares about her upcoming drama and more

She looks forward to being on the set again




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Seoul — Song Hye Kyo recently appeared in Harper’s Bazaar Korea and the actress looks great! She shared her love for flowers in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar Korea. Song Hye Kyo was asked which particular flower she is similar to and she responded that she does not know the name but a wildflower caught her eye. She said her mother liked freesias from a young age. And because of that Song Hye Kyo likes flowers that one can see in the field or flowers that have bloomed on every stem so that they droop downwards rather than a perfectly beautiful flower like a rose.

According to Soompi, she also said that her dogs make her just as happy as flowers. She wishes that they could talk and whenever she sees them, she feels good. The topic of the popularity of her old sitcom Soonpoong Clinic was brought up and she said that it took her three years to film it. It captured the time when the actress was pretty and plump, according to Song Hye Kyo. She added that it had all sides of her and there were moments when the make-up looked tacky as it was from so long ago.

She also said that there were times she was rather cute. She starred in the project but she was also a great fan as a viewer. Song Hye Kyo added that it was fun filming and that the script was tight to the point that the director and scriptwriters could be called geniuses. The actress spoke about the growing number of projects led by women. She said that she recently enjoyed watching Pieces of a Woman and Hillbilly Elegy.

She touched on her upcoming revenge drama The Glory which is written by screenwriter Kim Eun Sook. It is a genre that the actress has not done before and she is worried if she could do it well. She often met the screenwriter Kim Eun Sook and they discussed things they could do. The conversations they had in the past became reality with this project.

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Song Hye Kyo talked about her upcoming drama and other new updates recently. Picture: InstagramThe actress said that she is looking forward to being on the set for the first time in a while and that she misses the energy on the set when she is not acting.

She added, “I really like acting, and I’ve met great people and spent time happily, but I also want to live as just Song Hye Kyo once before it becomes too late.”

When she is not acting, she would be travelling with friends, walking her dog, drawing, or studying English and Chinese alone. She said she wants to have some time just to herself.

Song Hye Kyo also touched upon the fact that she hadn’t changed much since her 20s and 30s. She explained, “I have a lot of curiosity, and I have no fear, although at times it feels like I do. I recklessly went to New York and San Francisco alone, so I think I’m independent and enjoy freedom.”

Song Hye Kyo shared that she believes in things such as zodiac signs and personality tests although she prefers older tests since the MBTI test seems too complicated.

Finally, Song Hye Kyo talked about being calm when facing big struggles by thinking it will pass eventually. She shared, “Besides work, I’m basically at home or just walking my dog, so I’m not on guard for anything. I think it’s because I’m surrounded by good people.” /TISGFollow us on Social Media

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