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Soldiers step in to educate netizen’s one-star Facebook review slamming lower PES NSmen




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Facebook user Bryan Wong posted a one-star review of the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF), and slams National Servicemen (NSmen) of a lower Physical Employment Status (PES), as he felt that they have more “welfare”.

In his review, he drew comparisons between combat unit soldiers such as those in PES A or B, and support or service soldiers.

He said, “While combat unit soldiers (PES A/B) are out in the field, support/service soldiers (PES C & below) are busy sleeping/using phones. While combat unit soldiers are having night training, support/service soldiers are at home enjoying”.

He also said what while combat unit soldiers march, support/service soldiers stroll. And since combat unit soldiers have to go through IPPT, SOC/VOC, Outfield, Cleaning arms, deployed for admin/ops and be subjected to regimentation, support/service soldiers are exempted from all of these physically demanding tasks.

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Bryan then asked a series of questions, only to conclude that he “will turn [his] back on this country”.

He questioned:
“Do combat unit soldiers owe Singapore a living?”

“Is SAF’s policies aligned with the country’s foundation of meritocracy and equality?”

“Makes me wonder is Singapore really worth defending?”

Wong then concluded his review saying, “Just waiting for the day the country needs us, I will turn my back on this country for how you have turn your back to me. What comes around goes around”.

His review and comments opened the gates to many angry and irate Singaporean men.

Netizens who commented on Bryan Wong’s review reflected the team spirit of NSmen – those serving NS and those who have served.



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