Business & Economy Startups Social media isn’t child’s play, it’s a vital marketing tool

Social media isn’t child’s play, it’s a vital marketing tool




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You snooze you lose

Social media has evolved from being a trending platform to a must-have for businesses.

Businesses can interact directly with customers, unlike one-sided traditional marketing endeavours.

Here is how the top brands market themselves on social media.

Choosing the right platform

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Companies have an array of platforms which they can choose from.

For instance, they have Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. However, the key here is to find out which platform is used most by your target audience.

Top companies identify such platforms in the very beginning and then promote their brand with the right strategies.

Focusing on engagement

Social media is also about engagement! The right kind of content can help you connect with customers and create a positive brand image among them.

Having a social media profile is not the end of it. It is also crucial to keep interacting with customers on a regular basis.

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Post things that would actually intrigue people and participate in the forums as well as discussions. Like and comment on your customer’s posts and respond to their comments promptly.

It is important to note that social media marketing has a lot of potential in bringing in invaluable clientele. In fact, it is the face of your business.

Make sure you invest in maintaining a strong social media presence which is not only engaging but also shows expertise.

Keeping it simple

Gone are the days when brands had to over-promote their services. Talking only about your products and services is a recipe for disaster.

Successful companies always keep their social media pages focused on customers. Their posts revolve around the needs and pain points of the audience.

Some also follow the one-in-seven rule which means having one promotional post for every six general posts. Trying to sell your products/services aggressively on social platforms can even make people unfollow your page.

It is always a good idea to keep the posts generic and relevant to the industry. You can share the offers and discounts or the latest announcements regarding the products.

Giving away free promotional items is also a great idea.

Resolving issues on social platforms

Social media has become a platform for sharing feedback too.

Some customers might not be happy with your offerings and would end up commenting on your posts. It is highly important to catch any such issue before they escalate.

Engage with the person on your social media page and apologize to them publicly. This shows that your brand really cares about the customer issues and that you are responsible for your products and services.

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Things cannot always be perfect and companies might face certain hurdles while serving customers. However, keeping a tab on all your social media platforms will help maintain a positive brand image.

Even if you have excellent quality service, you might end up losing potential customers if you don’t check social media.

Providing value

This is perhaps the most important way by which companies promote their services and products.

Creating something which audiences will find useful is the first step to gaining their trust.

When you share content which is actually meaningful and full of information, you are viewed as an expert by your audience. This attracts the right type of customers who would actually avail the services you have to offer. It is also a great way of retaining current customers.

Big companies and brands focus on creating value which brings customers automatically. Simply promoting the products and talking about your offerings is not helpful.

Thus, you too can build a good community with potential customers through social media.

Just make sure to engage them with meaningful content and share free business promotional items that will introduce them to your brand.

Keep the strategy customer-centric instead of being overly promotional. Interact with customers regularly and always address all their concerns promptly.

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