Entertainment Arts Sister Scarlett defends Hong Kong actress Jacqueline Wong from hurtful rumours

Sister Scarlett defends Hong Kong actress Jacqueline Wong from hurtful rumours

Ming Pao is saying that Scarlett denied Jacqueline has changed her career to be a real estate agent.




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Scarlett Wong, sister of Jacqueline Wong is shooting down the latest rumours surrounding the Hong Kong actress.

Even though she can’t really comment much about Jacqueline’s mental state as she is not aware of her sister’s condition, Scarlett is dispelling the rumours.

Malay Mail  quoted Ming Pao as saying that Scarlett denied Jacqueline has changed her career to be a real estate agent.

“You will need to sit for exams first before you can call yourself a real estate agent.

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“Tomorrow I will be an agent and I will change my name to Veronica,” Scarlett said sarcastically, denying that Jacqueline had also changed her name to Rachel.

“As long as she is happy and healthy, let her decide on what she wants to do with her life,” added Scarlett.

It is believed that 30-year-old Jacqueline went to the United States after a kissing scandal with actor and singer Andy Hui in April which led to the breakup of her relationship with actor Kenneth Ma.

It is rumoured that Jacqueline is pregnant with Hui’s child.

Malay Mail quoted Oriental Daily as saying Jacqueline was supposedly preparing to register her marriage at Los Angeles and the news is becoming viral.

A previous report in March showed that Jacqueline was spotted vomiting during filming but the star said it was due to fatigue.

Netizens are advised not to speculate over the rumours but to be concern over the condition of Hui’s wife, singer and actress Sammi Cheng.

Photo: Screengrab from Instagram

Even though Sammi was burdened by the news of Andy’s cheating scandal for months, she instead directed all her focus onto her concert production.

Andy had also publicly apologised since and has been working behind the scenes to support his wife.

Despite the jeers and boos from Sammi’s fans, Andy even braved the crowd to attend the first two days of her concert too.

After her 13-concert tour has wrapped up, Sammi told Hong Kong media at her afterparty that she would be taking time off to go on a holiday to recharge.

When asked if she would be travelling with her husband, she waved off the question saying she was heading off “with friends”.

Hong Kong actor Dickey Cheung and his wife, Jess, were also spotted at the same airport on the same day.

Both couples presumably had arranged to travel separately before regrouping in order to not draw attention to themselves, reported Apple Daily.

It is also speculated that the four were headed towards England to meet up with Hong Kong producer Mark Lui and his wife.

As Sammi previously had a history of depression, it might be a huge relief for fans to see her well and on amicable terms with her husband again.

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