International Asia Singer Faye Wong reunited with ex-husband Li Yapeng?

Singer Faye Wong reunited with ex-husband Li Yapeng?

A Faye Wong doppelganger hand-in-hand with Li sparks questions about their romances, rekindled and rekindling.




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China – On May 1, Chinese actor Li Yapeng was spotted with a mystery short-haired woman who bears an uncanny resemblance to his ex-wife, Faye Wong. The woman is similar to Wong in terms of her appearance, dressing and the way she carries herself.

The duo were spotted on a date as they strolled through the park. In a photo posted by AsiaOne, the couple are all smiles as they walk hand-in-hand, looking very much in love. However, when asked if the actor is in a new relationship, Li’s representatives say they are unsure.

Photo of Li and mystery woman, from AsiaOne

Prior to this incident, Li, 48, was rumoured to be in a relationship with Chinese actress Xu Qing, 50, whom he had once worked with in the 2001 Chinese television series “Laughing in the Wind”. However, those rumours had been debunked by Xu Qing’s reps at the time.

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Regarding this, many fans have expressed their best wishes for Li’s new relationship, stating that “It’s time for you to fall in love again!” and “It’s been so long since your divorce, it’s time for you to find your own happiness!”

Li and Wong got married in 2005 before calling it quits in 2013. The two have a 12-year-old daughter Li Yan.

Currently, Wong, 50, is dating Hong Kong singer Nicholas Tse, 39, with whom she shared a four year relationship before she dated Li. Wong and Tse have been together since 2014, 10 years after having gone their separate ways in 2004.

According to an article published by AsiaOne in 2016, Faye’s close friend Carina Lau said that Tse and Wong have been very much in love ever since the two of them had gotten back together.

In 2014, Li had even shown his support for ex-wife Wong in light of reports about her renewed romance with Tse.

He wrote on Weibo: “Being together in life and death, disregarding one’s safety or fulfiling another’s wish … there are many expressions of love in the world and we should give each our blessing. Mother of my child, I give you my blessing, go for it!”

Even though there had been rumours of Wong and Tse’s break-up, and Tse had been rumoured to have been with recently-divorced Chinese actress Yang Mi, the latest news is reporting that Tse and Wong are together, with Tse emphasising that their relationship is a stable one./TISG

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