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Hong Kong — In October, Mama Lee was attacked by a wild boar while she was doing her morning workout. Coco Lee updated her Facebook account on Nov 24 about the condition of Mama Lee.

The elderly woman was seriously injured. She had fractures on her disc bones and elbows. Fortunately, Mama Lee is getting better after five hours of surgery and more than a month of rehab.

According to Coco Lee, it was a tough journey for an 83-year-old woman. Mama Lee had to undergo the suffering of surgery as well as to learn how to walk again. The whole incident was heartbreaking for Coco Lee and her two sisters. The Hong Kong singer thanked her fans for their encouragement and support for Mama Lee.

Photo: Facebook screengrab/Coco Lee

In an earlier Facebook post dated Jul 29, Coco Lee is seen celebrating the birthday of Mama Lee. She wrote that she did some decorating to surprise her mother on her birthday. Mama Lee laughed when she saw that the birthday cake resembled her.

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Coco Lee shared that her mother enjoys playing mahjong and every session lasts for six to seven hours. According to Coco, they would get leg and back pain from playing but since it made Mama Lee happy, it was not a problem.

Coco shared that since she was young, she wanted her mother to live a joyful life. She watched Mama Lee work hard and suffer to support her three daughters. She recalled how her mother would not eat much as she was afraid that her daughters did not have enough to eat.

Mama Lee would eat the leftovers after her daughters finished eating first. Her mother’s love for them and sacrifices are always on Coco’s mind. The singer wrote in the post that she will always take good care of her mother because Mama Lee always took care of her when she was young. So Coco will take care of Mama Lee when she is old.

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She wished that her mother will live a long, happy and healthy life and that Mama Lee will always be the person that she most admire and most loved. /TISG