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Singaporeans spill tea on the ‘most ridiculous expectation of a partner they’ve ever heard’ from “your money = our money” to “wear makeup 24/7”

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Here how ridiculous some people’s expectations of their significant other can be

SINGAPORE: The question ‘What is the most ridiculous expectation of a partner that you’ve heard?’ posted by u/TheFearlessCow on May 29 (Monday) on r/askSingapore sparked a very lively discussion on Reddit, with platform users being only too ready to spill the beans on the ridiculous demands one partner has made from another.

And while these range from wearing makeup all day (and night) long to have a “low body count” to rejecting food delivery services and insisting that the partner come to their doorstep in person, many of the answers had to do with money and wealth, or the lack thereof.

“Once she told me she wanted Shake Shack and expected me to travel from my house in Sengkang to Jewel and then deliver it to her at Hougang,” wrote one Reddit user.

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“my friend is required to wear makeup 24/7 lol. so she has to sleep after husband is asleep and wakeup before he is awake to put on makeup. lol,” wrote another.

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Another chimed in, “Haha the partner must come from ‘good family’ background as if anyone can pick their parents like that..”

“1. A man must have ambition, and dedicate a lot of time to advance himself in his career. 2. He must also dedicate most of his time to the relationship, respond immediately to the needs of the partner. I wonder who can fulfill both criteria at the same time,” one commenter added.

“Both people being in their early 20s but the girl expecting the guy to have a car. Wtf? You had a 2-year head start. Where’s your car?” another wrote.

One man wrote, “Had an acquaintance say he wants his future wife to work out every day (also likes to point at models and say he wants her to look like that), have good careers, take care of his children and parents, be a good cook, be funny, won’t get mad at him, won’t nag at him. Halfway through he’s basically describing a robot already.”

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Another chimed in, “My female colleague said her husband didn’t allow her to wash her clothes with his. Bear in mind my colleague (F) is doing the washing k. Especially underwear, he says it’s dirty. He adopted this mindset from his mom. What a winner 🏅

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“my ex bf expects his gf to wash plates when visiting his house or else his mum has to wash and its tiring for her. dk why he cant wash LOL,” one wrote.

“Guy expects — ‘she must be pure and virginal and pretty and have low body count,’” one wrote.

However, most expectations revolved around money, it seems.

“I went on a date with a single mother years ago who demanded that I make top salary in order to send her daughter to top schools and allow her to quit her job.”

“A JC friend said she wants to grow up and get married to a rich guy so she can be a rich ‘taitai’…”

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“I once asked a girl what is her plans for the future. She told me is dependent on how much her partner can give in the future. Then I ask her so what can you contribute? She got mad. I learnt to nv ask girl for her plans after this incident.”

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“My family told me guys should be willing to pay for everything if they earn more so that ladies can use their own money to buy stuff they want.”

“”financially stable” = your money our money. My money, my money.”


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