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Singaporean Nearly Bankrupted by Wife Who Used Him to Bankroll Affair with Playboy




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Singaporean Travis Tan shared his ordeal with his adulterous wife who racked up six-figure debts for Tan to bankroll her lavish affair with her colleague.

Tan wrote on Facebook that he felt tormented and betrayed by his wife of five years who is now pregnant with the other man’s child. The baby is due at the end of July.

“Most man whose wife is pregnant with the other man’s child will be devastated, but for me it’s a blessing. I am fortunate to find out about her misdoings earlier rather than suffer if we would to have a child of our own. Which her own act assisted to expedite in the legal proceedings with evidence for her adultery.”

Fighting thoughts of losing hope in life and urges to turn to suicide, Tan was thankfully able to find new motivation to persevere through his problems thanks to the support of his family, friends and colleagues.

He made a police report against his wife for depleting his finances and throwing him into debt. He was also granted an expedited divorce by state courts due to his wife’s infidelity and looks forward to the dissolution of his marriage tomorrow.

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On whether he bears a grudge against the woman he married, Tan said:

“I bear no hate for her…I only have sympathy for her teenager son, her unborn child and her playboy future husband of her unborn child, for soon (their marriage) will be her 3rd marriage. All thanks to her, I am made a stronger person who overcame these adversities and cherish the people who love and care for me.”




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