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Singaporean actor Aliff Aziz loses wife as she is granted a divorce due to his straying ways

Courageous young mum succeeds in getting a divorce from her straying and abusive celebrity husband.




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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Divorce was granted to Bella Astillah, wife of Singaporean singer and actor Aliff Aziz, 28, after she revealed that “he cheats too much.”

On May 16 (Thursday), the Syariah Court in Kuala Lumpur approved the divorce requested by Aliff’s wife. When the judge asked Bella, 25, why she wanted a divorce, she cited their differences, and while tearing up revealed, “my husband always cheats on me.”

Bella added that she had video and photo evidence to back up her claims.

Aliff did not contest the allegations.

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The court ordered Aliff to pay RM1,000 (S$330) a month in alimony to help pay for the couple’s two-year-old son’s expenses.

“I have to focus on our two-year-old son as he means everything to me,” said Bella.

Aliff, who married Bella in 2016 after dating for nine months, cheated on his wife numerous times.

He was caught in his first extra-marital affair a mere nine months into their marriage. Just three months after Bella had given birth to their first child, he was caught alone in a karaoke room with actress Afifah Nasir, reported the New Straits Times. The actress admitted that the photo captured by CCTV cameras showing her and Aliff holding hands were true.

“I admit it was my fault for letting him touch my hand and apologise to Bella for that,” said Afifah.

Aliff also allegedly assaulted his wife after she discovered them at the karaoke room, from which Bella suffered minor injuries. However, Bella withdrew the police report made against Aliff as it only a “scuffle.” Aliff then made a public apology to his wife who eventually forgave him.

The second scandal happened on February 2019, when Aliff was caught partying in a nightclub with actress Oktovia Manrose.

The actress apologised to Bella through an Instagram post which read:

“I admit it was my fault. Every human being makes mistakes.

To @bellaastillah (Bella), I don’t want to put up a fight anymore. I apologise for everything that has happened. I admit I shouldn’t have gone out with a married man.”

Three months later, on May 14, photos and a video of Aliff, not fully clothed, surfaced on the internet. In it, the celebrity was pictured posing with a 17-year-old girl named Nismell from Sarawak.

The photos were uploaded by a friend of Nismell to whom Nismell allegedly owed money to.

“Oh God Nismell. Don’t you feel sorry for his wife? You still haven’t paid me, now you do this?” read the caption of the photo.

Nismell posted her side of the story on Instagram and asked for forgiveness although she added that she was not at fault, and nothing had happened between her and Aliff as they had simply met at a private party which involved many guests.

The last scandal and straw for Bella involved photos showing Aliff kissing an Indonesian single mother from Malaysia. Responding to the article released on May 16 by Hype, the single mother, named Mei Fina, claimed that the photos were taken years ago.

“I hope Aliff can reflect on his sins and think about his parents,” said Bella after the proceedings.

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