International Business & Economy Singapore hiring trends for 2020—digital-savvy, "well-rounded candidates with business acumen" wanted

Singapore hiring trends for 2020—digital-savvy, “well-rounded candidates with business acumen” wanted

The survey also revealed that in 2020 tech professionals like data scientists, app developers and cybersecurity specialists would be the most in demand




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The latest Salary Survey by London-based recruitment consultancy Robert Walters shows that hiring activity in Singapore is booming and should carry over into 2020, while digital professionals who are “well-rounded” with “business acumen” are preferred candidates for hirers.

According to the survey by Walters, hiring activity remained steady despite an economic slowdown in 2019.

For Singaporean hirers, the most in-demand talents will possess remarkable technical skill sets, business know-how, and a modern, commercial mindset.

Now on its 21st edition, the Robert Walters annual Salary Survey is the most comprehensive review of professional salaries and recruitment trends around the world, analysing placements made across Robert Walters’ own network to provide the benchmark for salary levels within different industries.

What hirers will look for in 2020

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The survey noted that the digital-focused job trend in Singapore will continue into 2020, with tech professionals like data scientists, app developers and cybersecurity specialists at the most wanted end of the talent pool.

There’s no denying that digital and technical know-how is in demand in professionals across all industries, and it continues to be at the forefront of what hirers are looking for in people. At the same time, it has contributed to high turnover rates in high-demand industries such as banking and financial services, technology, and advertising.

On average, such in-demand talent often leave their jobs in under two years to search for better opportunities that promise growth and more technical knowledge and skills.

Job seekers will also have more options available to them in terms of work flexibility. The report noted that 2020 will see more contracted jobs or flexible roles on offer, as a result of changing perceptions on work-life balance and a willingness on the job searchers’ behalf to undergo shorter but meaningful work experiences.

Employers are looking for candidates who are “well-rounded candidates with business acumen who can bridge the gap between technical expertise and large-scale commercial applications”, the report said.

Certain skill sets will continue to be valued in potential employees—digital-savviness, creativity, critical thinking, having a modern and commercial mindset, and having the skills to build and maintain meaningful connections.

What job seekers today want

While stability, longevity and career growth were once desired qualities that job seekers looked for in a job, the same cannot be said for today.

Instead, modern job seekers are eager for a more dynamic career, learning opportunities, variety, constant challenges and inspirational leadership which are valued above all else.

In a statement, Robert Walters noted that hiring managers should consider innovating and changing their hiring processes.

Walters said that they should be “flexible and empathetic towards what today’s candidates are looking for”.

“By hiring highly versatile and flexible employees with high potential, investing in customised training to upskill employees, and offering them opportunities to interact with various levels of management, companies gain an edge in winning over top talent,” said Rob Bryson, managing director of Robert Walters in Singapore.

He also noted that job seekers should also ensure that they are up-to-date with changes in the marketplace and upskill themselves accordingly. -/TISG

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