SINGAPORE: Singapore’s commitment to sustainable waste management has reached a new milestone with the official opening of its third battery recycling facility. This state-of-the-art facility, located at Tuas South Lane, can process approximately 2,600 tons of batteries annually, contributing to a more than 30% increase in local recycling capacity.

This facility stands out because it is the first vertically built recycling facility in Singapore. Its design optimises space and streamlines the process of recycling old batteries. The facility’s operations involve crushing and breaking down used batteries to extract valuable metal elements, which are then transformed into new batteries.

The Senior Minister of State for Sustainability and Environment, Dr Koh Poh Koon, said on Tuesday (Oct 24) that this initiative not only boosts local recycling capabilities but also enhances the resilience of the e-waste recycling industry in Singapore.

Dr Koh also emphasized the potential for research collaboration and innovation, particularly in managing electric vehicle battery waste. He said, “First, it enhances local recycling capabilities. Second, it increases the resilience of our e-waste recycling industry.”

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With the addition of this new facility, the total volume of batteries recycled in Singapore will significantly increase.

The three battery recycling facilities will be able to recycle a remarkable 11,000 tons of batteries annually.

Opening the third battery recycling facility is a crucial step towards ensuring a cleaner and more sustainable environment, reducing the environmental impact of discarded batteries, and promoting innovation in recycling practices.