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Sg Kadut murder: Malaysian suspected to have fatally slashed ex-boss who had sacked him

Grieving father describes murdered son as having been willing to give problem employees a second chance, only to be violently denied such a chance in the end.




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Singapore – A 23-year-old Malaysian worker is the prime suspect in the murder of his employer, who ran a local furniture company. The incident occurred around 1pm on Monday (11 Mar) at the International Furniture Centre building at Sungei Kadut Loop.

The police found the 30-year-old victim, Mr Lin Xinjie, lying motionless in a pool of blood inside the building. Mr Lin, whose body reportedly bore multiple slash wounds, was pronounced dead by paramedics at the scene.

Mr Lin’s grieving father has since said that the suspect, a work permit holder, attacked and killed his only son after he was sacked for the second time in the five years he had been working for Mr Lin.

Revealing that the suspect had a poor work ethic and would skip work, Mr Lin’s father told reporters:

“He was given several warnings but he didn’t listen. When he was fired the first time, he pleaded for a second chance and Xinjie gave in,” he said. “But his poor work performance continued to affect the operations of the company and Xinjie decided to fire him the second time.
“That’s when he returned with a chopper and attacked Xinjie.”
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Mr Lin’s business partner, Mr Li Mingqiao, was also injured in the altercation. Mr Li was conscious as he was conveyed to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital. Mr Lin’s father said: “My son and his business partner usually have lunch late, so they were still in the office.”

Breaking down, Mr Lin’s father said that he rushed to the scene from his workplace in Tuas after he was informed of the incident by one of his son’s colleagues.

Describing Mr Lin as very filial and respectful towards his elders, his father said that Mr Lin worked hard to develop his company, Jiji, which he started in 2017. Revealing that his son had put his dating life on the back-burner to focus on his career, Mr Lin’s father said:

“Even though he is only 30 years old, his company already has about 40 employees and is growing steadily. If he was not sick or overseas, he would always be at the office, even on the weekends.
“He had aspired to expand the company, but this happened. I don’t know how the company will continue without him.”

The suspect has been arrested for murder and will be charged in court today.

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