SINGAPORE: A man who referred to himself as an ‘ugly guy’ said that people have rated him a zero or even -100 to his face.

“I am kind of low in terms of intellect. I barely scrape through things by putting my life and soul into studying my entire life. Most people can absorb things way faster than me. I somehow managed to graduate. I was bullied a lot in school because of how I looked and how stupid I was”, he wrote. He added that he had no friends and stayed invisible wherever he went.

The man said that to keep up at work, he had to work thrice as hard as his colleagues and would still be slower than them. He was aware that his colleagues would gossip about him behind his back, but he said that he was able to accept this because they did not bully him directly.

Things changed for the man when he “met a colleague who was nice to me whenever we talked. She was kind so I really liked her. I helped her when she got stuck as she was new. She was really beautiful too. I thought maybe something good was going to happen, like maybe I get something good in my life after all the suffering”. However, he was devastated when he found out that she got into a relationship with a “handsome and rich” guy.

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“I tried dating apps and even some dating events. My requirement is basically anyone who can accept me. I dont care if the person is ugly, not smart or poor. I do wish the person is a little kind and doesnt hurt me. I got insulted and even gotten disgusted looks on events. Also, no swipes on apps unless it is a bot”, the man wrote. He added that he did not play computer games, partake in vice activities. He added that painting was his hobby.

“I do get jealous when I see people my age having gf, wives, hanging out with friends or even just enjoying simple things like drinking together. I keep reading that everyone has a purpose on this earth. I really cannot think of anything for me. I am pretty much horrible at everything. I just wish I knew why I was even created”, the man wrote, wondering what his purpose on Earth was.