Entertainment Arts Selena Gomez reveals how she reconnected with Miley Cyrus

Selena Gomez reveals how she reconnected with Miley Cyrus

She sent Cyrus a butterfly emoji to show support for her show and got invited to be on it




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Fans were in for a surprise when Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus reconnected on on April 3 this year.

Rumours about the two arguing had been going on for more than 10 years so fans could not believe what was happening. Both singers dismissed the belief that they had had a fallout in the past. The rumours had started because they had both dated Nick Jonas and it took a while for anyone to believe that they were untrue.

Gomez and Cyrus reunited on the latter’s Instagram show, Bright Minded. Started during the lockdown, it aims to create light in dark times. Individuals such as therapists, actors, musicians, producers, celebrities and more have appeared on the show. Gomez was one of four guests in the show’s season finale. She saw a few episodes of the show before sending Cyrus a butterfly emoji to show her support.

Selena Gomez appeared on Miley Cyrus’ Instagram Live show. Picture: Instagram

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Cyrus then invited Gomez to a guest in an episode. Sharing with WSJ magazine on Tuesday (May 5), Gomez said she was watching an episode one day and she loved what Cyrus was doing and she wanted to be part of it. Gomez said she liked the rawness of the show.

Fans were excited to see the pair reunite. During the episode, more than 181,000 people tuned in to watch. Gomez’s episode drew 1 million views after Cyrus posted it on IGTV. The episode saw the both of them talking about the power of connection and reconnecting with old friends.

Gomez also revealed in public that she had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. She shared about her diagnosis on the show to encourage people to get . Visiting a top mental , McLean’s Hospital, she found out she was bipolar and found out more about it which helped her. She said people get scared of not knowing. She helped eliminate the stigma that comes with mental health.

Gomez enjoyed her time on the show and she said that she feels like people are yearning for the type of realism right now and not something overly produced. She praised Cyrus for never being afraid to take risks or put herself out there. She noted that Cyrus is enjoying herself.

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