Asia Malaysia Search for missing MH370 must go on, victim's husband says

Search for missing MH370 must go on, victim’s husband says




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Family members of the missing Malaysian airline the MH370 want the Malaysian government to resume the search for the plane that went missing on March 8, 2014.

A victim’s husband explained why the search for the plane must go on saying it is very important for the aviation sector and the flying public to uncover how a large jetliner, can just disappear without a trace.

The husband, K. S. Narendran said finding the missing plane is crucial to understanding what might have happened.

“Knowing the answer can help evolve strategies to avoid a recurrence. I don’t believe we can feel safe while flying when the possibility of another similar incident lurks,” he wrote in a letter published by the Deccan Chronicle on March 17.

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He urged the other victim’s families to make it a priority to press the governments around the world to urge Malaysia, China and Australia to resume search and persevere “until we find satisfactory answers to what actually happened.

“The attitude of governments, aviation-related businesses and the world at large of ‘business as usual’ must end.

“There exists poorly-understood safety and security hazards that need a sustained inquiry.”

He also said the search and investigation is a complex challenge, a hazardous one that MH370 families don’t have the resources and capacity to manage.

“However, we are unequivocally against the premature end to the search.

“Should Malaysia fail to respond, we will work to elicit fund commitments from world governments, corporations, high net-worth individuals and the travelling public.

“This is not likely to be easy. It brings up its own challenges of mobilisation, utilisation, accountability to the public, and suitable systems and processes,” he said.

The author said Australia has tended to be more forthcoming in its contacts with families, and demonstrably exerted itself to search without let up based on the advice from experts and directions from Malaysia.

“The families had hope for more from China considering that it had 152 of its nationals on board MH370, and continue to be optimistic that it will lend its weight and resources to a more sustained search and effort to find answers.”

He also called for a credible investigation and a commitment to transparency, any number of theories will emerge.

“In the absence of independent verification/scrutiny of facts, data, analysis, video footage, etc, we continue to feed those who seek to sensationalise and speculate,” he said.

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