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SDP’s Bryan Lim Boon Heng writes in to Marsiling –Yew Tee Town Council about rat and cockroach infestation

Mr Lim said that the issue of rat and cockroach infestation remains unresolved despite numerous complaints




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The Singapore Democratic Party’s (SDP) Bryan Lim Boon Heng fielded complaints from a resident staying in Woodlands regarding a rat and cockroach infestation.

In a Facebook post on Sunday (Sep 13), Mr Lim shared an email he sent to the Marsiling-Yew Tee Town Council.

He added that the “prevalent issue of rat & cockroach infestation at her block remains unresolved, despite your organization’s efforts to address it earlier”.

In a Facebook post on his own page, Mr Lim noted that the residents told both him and fellow SDP member Mr Damanhuri Abas that the pests had escaped when the Thomson East Coast line was built and that “some of the rats were bigger than the cats”.

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“Though pest busters were activated previously, these pests had made an unwelcome return. Obviously, the problem wasn’t nipped in the bud- not forgetting that these pests multiply exponentially”, he added.

“The residents recounted horrific encounters when their children & themselves came into direct eye contact with these rodents. Apparently, the rats are getting bolder by the day as they have total disregard for human traffic & have even climbed the stairs to search for food”, Mr Lim said.

He also expressed that some of the residents expressed concerns that the rodents might bite their young children or pets and spread diseases.

Mr Lim noted in his email to the town council that “a resident staying at Blk 367 Woodlands Ave 5 had provided the same feedback to us during the General Elections campaign. He shared that he had also written to your organization too but to no avail”.

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