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SDP claims NTUC FairPrice price-freeze is in response to “PAP feeling pressure” from opposition

"This is the clearest sign yet that the PAP is feeling the heat of the SDP's policy where we proposed 10 measures to lower the cost of living for Singaporeans." said the SDP




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The () has asserted that the recent NTUC FairPrice was initiated by the ruling People’s Action Party () as a response to the pressure it has been facing from the opposition party.

Labour movement-linked NTUC FairPrice pledged on Tuesday (19 Mar) that it would freeze the prices of 100 house brand products for the next 15 months to “help moderate the rising cost of living and protect shoppers from price fluctuations”.

Noting that the timing of the price-freeze came a mere three days after the SDP unveiled its own plan to temper the cost of living in Singapore if it is elected, the party said in a statement: “This is the clearest sign yet that the PAP is feeling the heat of the SDP’s policy where we proposed 10 measures to lower the cost of living for Singaporeans.”

The party called on Singaporeans to enjoy the price-freeze but be wary of the intentions behind the initiative.

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Pointing out that the timing of the initiative is crucial to determining the “sincerity and genuineness of the PAP’s latest move,” the SDP asserted that the price-freeze is a “gimmick to entice votes” and a “populist one-time offer”. The party said:

“Singaporeans can see through the PAP’s vote-getting manoeuvres like giving out bonuses, packages and, now, the NTUC price-freeze when the elections are coming. While these measures are populist one-time offers, price increases of everything from the water tax hike to the jacking up of the GST are permanent.”

The party further advised that “Singaporeans should take back the money from these packages but not feel obligated to support the PAP in the coming polls.” It added:

“After all, the money belongs to the people. The truth is that Government collected nearly $20 billion in budget surpluses in the last three years and is now using the funds to entice votes before elections.”

Asserting that “the PAP is finally sitting up and paying attention,” after “feeling the heat from the people’s anger on the rising cost of living as well as from the SDP’s proposals,” the SDP claimed that it has the Government on the ropes and will not let go until the cost of living is genuinely lowered:

“But now is not the time to relax. The SDP has put the self-serving ministers and their greed on notice. We will keep up the pressure until the elections and beyond so that we can genuinely lower the cost of living for Singaporeans. We must not let up on the pressure now that we have them on the ropes.
“We call on our fellow citizens to join us and support our concerted campaign to make life in Singapore affordable and better for all.”

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